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Why Lease ?

Cash Impact

  • There is no cash outlay which frees up cash for other operating expenses
  • It is like an additional line of credit or extra working capital for the business
  • The equipment is financed at a fixed rate for the term of the lease (i.e. the monthly payments will not change)

Accounting Impact

  • Simplified accounting procedures via monthly invoices
  • Lease payments fit within your operating budget, eliminating the need for capital expenditure approval
  • There is less paperwork required for funding approval and personal guarantees are not required
  • Leases are a form of off-balance sheet funding, without affecting your ability to borrow
  • Leasing improves the return on investment & return on assets financial ratios

Technology Ownership

  • You are not investing funds in rapidly changing and depreciating technology
  • You are paying for the equipment as you use it
  • By removing the hassle and cost of ownership, leasing allows you to focus on your core business
  • Leasing is a hedge against inflation – you can have leading edge technology of today and pay for it with tomorrow’s dollars
  • Avoid technology obsolescence and manage the technology platform life-cycle
  • There are no maintenance responsibilities that come with ownership of equipment
  • The hassles of selling used office equipment are eliminated

Tax Effective

  • Payments for lease is normally tax deductible.

Why Lease from us?

  • Flexibility is the key to leasing from Mangal Compusolution– there may be upgrade options during the term of the lease
  • You may lease new or used computer equipment
  • All equipment comes with an onsite warranty for the term of the lease
  • Mangal Compusolution is an authorised reseller of all major brands
  • Mangal Compusolution can configure a range of options to suit your needs

At Mangal Compusolution, we can help with your leasing needs